Monday, 27 June 2011

Little chicken

im going to jump right into this and say this is my first experience of blogging, i absolutely adore other peoples blogs but have always been to afraid to start my own. ie. brain activity over starting a blog - "im not sure people should actually be 'hearing' my thoughts, they are probably not as interesting, in depth, well thought out and beautifully written" - but here i am giving it a shot.  i think its a lovely way to experess my ideas, dreams for the future, get feedback, know that im not the only person who picks up (and falls in love with i might add) the most expensive item in each & every store and then yearns for the day when i can simply buy it, no fuss, no worry, no oh crap i wont be able to go out for the next month if i buy these life alteringly beautiful boots.
so just a little sneak peak into this thing i call my brain.
list of awesome things and pictures to follow tomorrow :)


  1. I look forward to your next posts!
    I love how simple and modern you blog looks!

  2. I then again like your blog. just saying :) xx