Friday, 1 November 2013

DIY leaf crown

Are you that kid that was always cast as a tree in the school plays? Well I've never experienced it, so I thought, woodlands themed party.  Perfect time to be a tree.  Now I know this is not an excitement for most, but when it comes with a promise of DIY'ing, I'm in.  

So I set about making my leaf crown, and it turns out it was actually pretty simple.  Here is a simple breakdown on how I made it.

You will need:

  • 2 pieces of Floral wire (found at any flower shop/market)
  • Floral tape (preferably green)
  • Green leaves (flower markets/your garden)
  • Scissors
The how to will follow in a tutorial video, coming tomorrow.
The end product looks something like this (excuse the iPhone picture).

And an awkward selfie in the car.

It's simple and fun.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hibernation call

It feels rather odd doing this again, since it has been a good few months since my last post.  One may think I've died, gotten overtly lazy or been catching up with life.  If I were being honest I'd say it's a lot of the latter and ever so slightly the lazy.

The catching on life part has had me, doing a media internship, studying Graphic & Web Design as well as working my full time, which isn't really full time job.  Oh and of course how could I forget, redesigning my flat into a Pinterest dream.  It has been both a challenging and immensely fruitful year.  And because I'm not too into making New Years Resolutions (as most of us end up rewarding ourselves with the thing we've given up 3 months into said resolution - this is not to say that some don't get it right, I'm just not one of them) I thought I would make a mid-to-end-year goal of returning to blogging. Go me!

So this serves as a 'I have resurfaced from hibernation'.  If I were an animal I would probably make some end-of-hibernation call, (if they even have a call), but alas I am not, so I will stick to a I-have-returned blog post.

It feels good.

Thursday, 29 March 2012

just a few things i miss

- being in school, it was so easy.
- having time to read a book from cover to cover
- Not having to pay for my own groceries.
- my sister
- cooking 6 days a week
- actually reading all the articles in magazines
- afternoon naps
- studying
- watching infomercials and gumi bears at 7am
- girly sleepovers
- time with my beautiful family
- the days when boys would sweat bullets at the thought of holding your hand
- reading blogs
- my crazy and abnormal friends
- lazing around in my pj's all day, watching movies and doing nothing, during the week
- playing hop scotch
- thrifting, haven't been to a second hand store in ages
- my moms lasagna
- aimlessly doodling on a note pad
- the days when everything was easy
- slow walks on the beach holding hands
- playing card games, number one being poker and a close second uno
- belting out to old school music with my dad & sister
- chilled braai's on a Sunday afternoon
- the effort
- knowing implicitly what i want to do ' when i am older'
- songs i can sing along to
- playing with Barbies
- watching Mean Girls in excess
- simply connecting to the Internet, with no fuss
- being healthy, i think I'm getting sick again
- the excitement of driving
- having time to blog
- camping, its dirty but somehow i enjoy it


Just a little brighter

Refreshing rain. and YELLOW.

Sorry for the silence.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Top 10 restaurants: Cape Town

Found this fantastic list on Emma Jane's blog this weekend, its filled with great vibey places that she has damed 'her top 10 restaurants/cafe's in Cape Town'.  I must give it to her, this list is wonderful - Ive heard great things about each restaurant, but have sadly only been to four of them.  This is sad, because i live in Cape Town.

So my mission is to go to each of these places and give you reviews or rather my thoughts on the place.  Somewhat like this post on Sostanza.

Look out for it and if you go to any of the restaurants mentioned, let me know about your experience.

How great is this list?

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Rachel getting married

This is my oh so beautiful sister Rachel. Shes lovely. She just got engaged. 

Why is this so exciting for me? She is the first of the people I'm really close to that's getting married.  Oh and I'm going to be a bridesmaid! 

On Friday night we gathered for a lovely sisterly bonding and wedding planning evening.  Complete with Peppermint Crisp Tart from Woolies and three teaspoons.  It was a glorious evening!

Next to get married is Christi and then me, 5years down the line.


Saturday, 17 March 2012


Last weekend, the man-friend and i were feeling a bit lazy, so we took a quick trip up the road to Sostanza in Lakeside.  Its a sweet little bakery, turned cafe, turned Internet hot spot - i mean what more could you need?

Its a fantastic place, great atmosphere, tasty coffee's & awesome baked goods.  I little bit of a recipe for disaster in terms of the size of my bum.  But I'll risk it.  Another great thing about Sostanza is the service, the people are friendly, helpful and prompt.  We didn't wait an hour or even half an hour for our food, which we seem to encounter at every restaurant we go to.  This was nothing like that!

I was pleasantly surprised by their Eggs Benedict, just the right amount of hollendaise, not too overpowering, poached eggs were smooth and with out any white runny stuff, always good right, and it was served on a Rosti - like the Eggs Benedict you can get at the biscuit mill.

Sean scoffed down a very manly breakfast with fried eggs, bacon, sausage, tomato, mushrooms and toast.  He was as happy as a clam when he finished up.  Commented that it was filling, which in his mind is great.

A great experience, its on my top 10 list. 

Its the perfect morning to pop by and have a nice relaxing breakfast.


Friday, 16 March 2012

From Scandinavia with love: work area

This is a fantastic example of what id love my work area to look like, bright colours, clutter - in a good way. 



Thursday, 15 March 2012

Somebody that i used to know

From the first time i heard this song on the radio, i loved it. And i thought this version by Gotye was amazing, until i heard the cover by Walk off the Earth.  So listen to the original and then the cover, and you can decide for yourself which you think is better.

Crazy, amazing harmonies in the cover version make it a clear win for me.  And those guitar skills, hello! 


Smores in my face

Please excuse the 12o'clock no make up face.  The excitement had to be documented.  I scoffed them down in about a second! It was like an episode of Fatties Gone Wild the way we polished these off.

To make these, go to the shop buy these three simple ingredients and then follow the pictures, to melt them, just shove them in the micro for 15seconds in the bowl and watch the magic happen.

It might be because i work with kids but these are seriously appealing! Am i wrong?