Saturday, 13 August 2011


i know you're sitting there thinking "who is that beautiful soul?" i am proud to say this little one right here is my friend. enter gasps of surprise. hahaha. i have the fine privilege of knowing such a lovely person. this persons name is Chloe Jansen. shes lovely. period.
not only is she a beautiful person on the outside, but like all good things, shes even better on the inside.
I'm sure it took us over 3years to actually warm up to each other, but in our matric year, oh how things changed. we found out that we had more things in common than we'd like to admit and i happen to think it was purely competition between us that kept us soul friends apart.
our love for movies, quoting from them or rather reciting the entire movie dialogue from memory. followed by a burst of laughter, while onlookers sat astounded, laughing at us.
though i don't see this dear friend of mine often, i do miss her so and life is definitely brighter when her face comes into focus infront of me :)
ps. " i wish we could bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles and we could all eat and get along."
"do you even go to this school?"
"no i just have alot of feelings"
"okay go home"
 - Mean Girls.


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