Monday, 24 October 2011

Dip & Dunk

As it draws closer to my birthday, i just had to share about this one birthday idea my mother has yet to stop suggesting. Fondue. What could be bad about dipping things in cheese and chocolate? Not together of course.

I still seem to smack this idea down every time it comes out of her mouth. Its become a running joke with my sister and i, we can always sense when the my mom is about to suggest fondue in a more interesting way than the last year. I'll give her that she always finds new and interesting ways to convince us to do it. Though we've never actually done it.

Maybe one day when I'm doing dinner parties and the wine is free flowing and not B-Y-O-B (Bring your own booze) i will trek to the shops and invest in a fondue set. I can see it going quite well in that sort of setting. Slightly drunk (in a good way), mature friends.

If that's where you are at at the moment, give it a try, tell me how it goes.

Happy dipping & dunking.


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