Monday, 31 October 2011

Pet Peeves #3

  1. Men wearing those extremely ugly and outdated net vests. Especially really built guys. put it away !
  2. Brown cars - every time i see one (which isn't often) i think of shit on wheels.
  3. Dirty Kitchens - with dishes piling up and crap everywhere.
  4. People who answer their phones in the cinema and then continue to have a full conversation at an extremely high volume
  5. Big guys in wife beaters - vests. I like to call them wife beaters.
  6. Chipped nail polish
  7. Chatty teenyboppers who say OMG & REALLY after every second word and at a pitch only dogs can hear.
  8. Grade 5's going to the mall without parents - i just think they're too young.
  9. Dirty nails, especially long nails.
  10. Getting a lipstick stained glass at a restaurant, and you're not wearing lipstick.

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