Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Breaking Dawn: part 1

Yes incase you are wandering, i am a Twilight fan, but not in the 'team Jacob', 'team Edward' sort of way.  I just really enjoyed the books & it seemed fitting to see how the movies portrsy the books.  And probably because i was really curious as to hoe to say some of the names.  Because when i read, i make up names that dont even come close to the real thing.

But getting back on track, last night i went to the premier of Breaking Dawn: part 1.  A good friend of mine Kelly texted me that she had two spare tickets so off i went. I couldnt be happier, well i could, if i didnt have to wait up until 12pm to wtch it but hey. Die Hard Fan.

To be completely honest i was pretty hard excited for the sex scene, because it was described in such detail in the book, that the scene was bound to be a jaw dropper. Sadly i was wrong - they just sort of breezed past it.  With each movie having a different director, it excites me to see how they all take new approach.

I found that this movie was quite a bit more dramatic than the others - i feel like it properly captured the emotions that i certainly felt face deep in the book during those hectic times.  It was especially interesting to see the lengths they went to to depict the extreme circumstances of Bella's pregnancy & the tole it took on her especially, her body.

Another big part being the wedding. At the risk of giving too muh away for those of you who have not seen the movie yet, ill keep it simple. Both dresses were undiscribably beautiful.  Each encorporating soft romantic textures and emphisising her petite figure. The high neck, low back dress being elegant and chic & the full lace heart tube dress being romantic and simple - which i believe is more Bella's style. Understated, not drawing attention.

So thats just a little snippet into my thoughts on Breaking Dawn: part 1
Hope you enjoy it as much as i did.
I'd love to hear your thoughts on the movie :)


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