Saturday, 12 November 2011

First Christmas buys

I was doing my usual thrift store search, and in this particular search i found that most stores are stocking up on Christmas decorations and such.  My first thought was "Jees, its only the beginning of November", but then i realised that the clevers are the ones who buy their decorations and other Christmas goodies before the prices sky rocket. 

So in the desired to be part of the clevers group i snatch up these sweet little Santa Clause & Mrs Clause mugs.  Aren't they just too citch for words, but still really cute.  I can imagine the hubby & i sitting on Christmas day a few years from now, sipping from these mugs. It warms my heart.

Realising that i now have my own place, this means i need to get my own Christmas decorations, tree, lights & crackers, its all quite overwhelming.  Luckily while browsing i also found working Christmas lights for 2 rond, so i grabbed those too, in haste of getting my collection started.

 Have you done any Christmas shopping yet?


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