Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Say yes to. . .Beauty tips

With the stay-at-home weather gone, its time to prepare for summer.  In my preparation i decided that its about time i get some use out of my make up.  Everyday of Winter is a permanent no make up day for me.  When you drag our body from a warm and cozy bed out into the torturous cold, there's zero worry about plucking make up onto my dreadful looking cold face. 

Lucky for those who see me on a regular basis, you will be happy to know that i have welcomed back my perfectly sculpted make-up face.  Its the one that i think most prefer, including me.

Enjoy these few beauty and hair tips I've put together for you.

I am seriously considering lightening my tips, i think it looks great.  And this past week i went out and bought myself some M.A.C coral lipstick - Vegas Volt & lip liner - What a Blast.  If you are looking for a great coral lipstick, go for this one, its fantastic.


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  1. Thanks for the hair tips- I am totally loving messy braided hair and pony tails.