Sunday, 4 December 2011

Awesome spanner in the works

Yes its official, we can all agree that these two weeks have been quiet - from my side at least.  I hope in these cases that my blog roll has been keeping you good company and that you've been reading up on all the blog i so dearly love. 
The reason for my absence: (and this is the sad part) i actually cant say but i can say that it is, if i may say so myself, amaze.  All will soon be revealed my friends :)

But on to the more pressing things i have la boyfriends birthday coming up & its a big one - the sucker is turning 21 - officially an adult.  This might be great if i had any clue on what to buy him.  Help is definitely needed.  And of course as all bloggers do, i took the excuse to catch up on my missed blogs - and yes, I'm sort of sure this was for gift ideas for Sean. 

My mother always had a thing when it was mine or Christi's birthdays, she would give a small present to the child who's birthday it wasn't.  I know its a mouthful, but if you've managed to keep up, well done, if not read over it a few times, that always works for me.  Well my plan is to gift myself a small something for all my efforts surrounding his birthday.  Its genius, i know, feel free to adopt it.

Hopefully if you have a boy-birthday coming up this could help you out, get the juices flowing.

He has told me that he would like to redo he room, so i am taking on that challenge. As well as something small to go along with it.  These are all ideas, but the colour scheme is red, black & grey.  Am loving the grey wall.

The smaller gift ideas will be coming soon


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