Sunday, 29 January 2012

10 things i learnt this weekend

This weekend in Cape Town it has been an absolute scorcher.  And for once I've actually welcomed the heat, despite the fact that i am definite lover of winter.  So this evening I've chosen to relax by the pool and enjoy this beautiful evening while blogging. This is the way i love to end off my weekends.
  1. Forever New has some pretty amazing new stuff at the moment.
  2. Grown men are in a pool they turn into kids.
  3. The Waterfront has a crazy amount of activities and fun things to do besides shop.
  4. I love my man-friend more than anything, and by man-friend i do of course mean boyfriend.
  5. My friends really are an interesting bunch but i love them anyway.
  6. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a must see.
  7. The Staves are my new favourite band.
  8. Kim Lombard from Life-of-Lombard is going to be in the February issue of Glamour SA.
  9. Redesigning a blog is harder with zero technological ability
  10. The boyfriend and i are extremely addicted to the trash everyone calls Jersey Shore.
What have you learnt recently?

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