Thursday, 12 January 2012

All white party

A lovely friend of mine Danielle is having her 20th this month and we are all eagerly contemplating awesome theme's.  Being dubbed the party planner after Sean's 21st means that i am burdened with this task.  Though for me its not particularly a burden because i get to catch up on my much needed blog reading disguised as "research". Clever i know. 

Something nobody in my circle of friends has had an all white party. Yes like in White Chicks but for me i borrowed it from the Kardashians.  I have been desperately watching every episode  of the recent season while i have some time off.  In the Jenner wedding and Kim's everything was clean, clear, crisp WHITE.

Yes it may be a seemingly unflattering shade but i think a little spandex wouldn't hurt anyone. 
If we all looked like Chiara from the Blonde Salad it would be stunning but never the less, if you don't have the body play up the face. 

What i would do for those never ending legs.

Any cool party ideas, bring them on, i could use all the help i can get.


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