Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Valentines day

I see Valentines peeking its head around the corner and i will not be the one racing the day before Valentines fretting because i cant find anything nice.  So instead, this year i'll be doing something a little bit more special.  I'll be making things - but hopefully they wont look it.  Also instead of doing the usual expensive dinner in crowded restaurants, i'll opt for something a slightly more intimate and thoughtful.

I found this awesome idea over at Paper&twine, but instead i will put in the blood and sweat - blood because i ALWAYS hurt myself while doing crafty things and sweat because i regularly freak out and think that its not going to work.

Unlike their green & brown heart i'll do red.  Hand-stitching lovely words and scattering them in his car, at home, work, etc.  As for the Love Memo - I'm not entirely sure how i'll be doing that but it will be awesome!

As for the picnic on the beach, i think it would be lovely to just watch the sunset while snacking on our feast & by feast i mean Woolworth's bought sandwiches. kidding. a little.

What are your Valentines Day plans?


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