Sunday, 12 February 2012

10 things I've learnt recently

  1. The boyfriend is an undercover master chef.  His pancakes have changed my life.
  2. American idols is awesome but at the same time quite a laugh.  Love it.
  3. Vintage Lover is where you get cheap awesome vintage.
  4. Homeland is a fantastic and captivating series.  The end of each episode has you hooked.
  5. The Daybook is a cool new fashion blog i found
  6. Wintery days we've had have given me the yearning for layers, leather and the like. 
  7. I miss wine & 30 seconds evenings too much.
  8. Whitney Houston dead last night.
  9. Havaianas are my best friend. If i could wear them everyday i would.
  10. Finding a boob tube gold or black sequin dress is proving to be a bit of a mission.

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