Monday, 12 March 2012

A few things i learnt this weekend

  1. March ELLE is filled with great insight into the makings of successful people.
  2. Blue Route Mall is said to be opening at the end of March which i highly doubt.
  3. Never view a flat at Devon Court. I think i might have caught something, like rabies there.
  4. Car things are finally coming together. Looks like its going to be a Tata Vista.
  5. Always check the weather before trekking all the way to Camps Bay or Sea Point for a romantic picnic.
  6. Sostanza is simply lovely. If you're looking for a place with great coffee, a calm atmosphere & free wifi you'd be happy here.
  7. Winter clothes are finally making their way back into my cupboard.
  8. Currently on repeat on my playlist - Jamie Cullum.
  9. Muizenberg beach Sunday evening walks are a relaxing & refreshing way to end off every week.
  10. Young married couples make my heart tingle. I love it.

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