Monday, 4 July 2011

With the help of leather.

Inspired by my beautiful new leather jacket i have in my own opinion created an almost perfect wardrobe, well one for just a week that is. and oh how fun it has been combining some of my go-to items, with some in-fashion-for-now peices & all with just one garment in common, my leather jacket.
This ofcourse is my wrdrobe in an alternate universe where simply looking at the item makes it yours :)
I will admit though that this little project of mine has made me feel like these items are all mine & and looking in my cupboard everyday, my stomch sinks slightly, realising that all the loveliness i had just seen on my laptop screen did not (sadly) magically appear in my cupboard overnight.
However it does make my heart skip a beat every time i slide on my leather jacket, knowing that ITS MINE! and remind myself that 'this is not a dream Le'Chelle, this is not a dream'.
Some of you might be wandering why im getting maybe just a little bit over excited about this leather jacket - i have wanted to buy one for lets say 3 years, so yes a little ranting is in order :)

Moving on, take a look at the loveliness ive been rambling about.
ps. the bunny in picture 2 is a sweet little brooch im quite in love with.


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