Sunday, 17 July 2011

Love made me do it.

So to make up for my absence i am sharing with you the GREATEST reason if not the reason why i decided to start my own blog, if not for my sanity. or maybe for recreational purposes - lets not try scare people off with the crazy all at once, let it peek its head out every now & then.
enough with the rambling this is my peace-post for being a mute for probably about two weeks. i promise it will not disappoint, in fact it will most definitely be the high light of your day, no wait, week or maybe even month.
I found this beautiful, utterly life altering, fun, eccentric blog just over a month ago and i must say I'm a true fan. maybe in the slightly stalkerish but harmless, add to 'favorites' type of way.
love made me do it is one blog you could never grow tired of, take a look :)
here's a sneak peek as to why i love her blog so darn much.its crazy.

                                                        all pictures from love made me do it
Hope that made you smile.
Definitely one guarantee for a lovely day is waking up in a home like this. #1 dream: have a home like this one :)


  1. Heart these pictures!
    I am obsessed with stalking blogs that I find rather fascinating and yours happened to be one of them today :)
    These pictures are so CUTE though!