Saturday, 13 August 2011

Best sister award!

I would like to award myself the BEST SISTER AWARD!
Why you might ask? i happened to organise a lovely shin-dig for my happily age decending sister - Chrsti. it was her 20th birthday well exactly 2 weeks ago and i can say with a large smile on my face that it was quite a jolly occassion. we had a pre-birthday din din for the family which was a lovely excuse to get everybody around one table chatting and tell stories of 'the good old days'. i am rather proud of this next snipet - i organised for pa pa Taylor to make a well over due trip from the hustle and bustle of Johannesburg down to the beautifully relaxing Mother City to partake in the birthday celebrations. this is my best accomplishment yet, making two beautifully bubbly people even happier, if you never thought it possible, it is i tell you.
now back to the actual birthday shin-dig, it went off without a glitch which made my heart very happy and i think everybody who attended had a pretty smashing time :)
love you my darling sister. you beauty.

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