Saturday, 13 August 2011

porsche. oh dreamy porsche.

this dear beauty over here i believe will be mine. . . . someday. keyword being someday.
i can see myself driving around in this baby, windows down, with the radio spitting out the likes of John Mayer or maybe a little more of Florence and the machines, complete, ofcourse, with the silk scarf wrapped around my head. not in the Fatima sort of way, I'm thinking more Breakfast at Tiffany's elegance.
Oh i can see it now, a beautiful autumns day, taking a slow drive to a secluded, not at all dodgy place - remember this might be a bit of a fantasy - somewhat like the place in the picture. Picnic basket packed with delicious goodies, 50's styled dress and retro glasses - now that's an afternoon well spent and well dressed.
watch this space. . . .  enter future picture of me doing exactly this :)

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