Wednesday, 24 August 2011

we love pictures

like most little girls, i dreamed of a beautiful fairytale wedding, complete with the dress from A Cinderella Story, and a prince somewhat like Jake Gyllenhaal waiting for me at the end of the isle. but thankfully my dreams have evolved from then and i dream of something more like this:

And yes maybe you're thinking that it might be a bit too soon for me to be thinking about wedding especially mine, but really how could you not after seeing these pictures, this could make the most cynical wedding person into a ball of love :) and that just warms my heart. i can only hope that i look as happy as these lovely people on my big day. take a look.

Oh and the beauty that comes from that link will make you smile from ear to ear, and if you are a bride to be and are looking for wedding photographers they would be the people to call. honestly this would be the first wedding plan to make is to book these wedding geniuses. they photograph the most beautiful weddings, and all their pictures have a quirky kind of feel, something i know i haven't seen with any other wedding photographers. SHOTGUN we love pictures for my wedding day :)
another thing that gets them two thumbs up is the fact that they do photo booths!! that gets me quite excited, like a little girl with her first barbie in hand.

yes there will be one of these at my wedding. complete with picture frames, moustaches, chalk boards, Pam Anderson boobs, and other lovelies.
I can only hope that my wedding will be a beautiful combination of these two love filled occasion's.

ps. love the new use for the measuring tape.

pps. smile at a stranger today :)

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