Sunday, 4 September 2011

hello SPRING.

Since it was the first day of spring a mear 3days ago and i was nowhere near thinking up a pify and light hearted something for the day i have decided to do something i particularly love. say goodbye to my dreary winter garments and welcome in my lovely new inspiration for Spring. And since this is the season of my birth, October is coming soon, which means my birthday is around the next corner. Since i am nowhere near to knowing or having any idea of what i want to get for my birthday, i think it is everyones civic and emotional duty to read this post and contibute to my wardrobe by buying atleast one item from these pictures.
So here goes. get excited. i am.

Goodbye winter rains and cosy knits:

Yes they were lovely for those overly chilly days and storming nights but now i see the light at the and of the tunnel. And by light at the end of the tunnel i mean high waisted denim shorts, over sized tees, neutal colours, sheer blouses, and brogues. these are just to name a few of my must have items for spring. prettiness for your Sunday morning:

I hope this has brightened up your Sunday morning, because if youre like me and youre in Cape Town, it doesnt feel much like Spring, it feels more like winter is reveiling his nasty face again.
 Ive decided though, for the love of fashion to embrace the cold, and wear my lovely new high waisted denim Levi shorts, panty hose, velt skoene and a chunky knit jersey, thus not to go into a flu fit. So i have the best of winter while hoping for spring.


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