Sunday, 18 September 2011

cover me up scotty. the midi

Now lets all give a warm welcome to my latest addition to the family in my wardrobe. You are greeting my new midi pleated skirt, in case that wasn't clear. It is lovely and this particular midi of mine was found at a charity store for a whopping 15 rond. and its perfect. It can be paired with so many different things so its a real steal.

I adore this style, its quite effortless and yet still has an air of glace, i think that might just be because of the length but i love it. I want to take Mandy - that's the newly decided name for my midi - out for some sun, when the sun decides to come out of hiding. I think it would look great with a top tied collar shirt, sweet sandals or brogues and a knotted headband - another Spring favorite of mine.

Unfortunately i don't have any pictures of Mandy because we took pictures with my sweet new film camera so when I've developed the pics will get them up to show off just a bit. What are your thoughts on this new trend?

Have a productive and still lovely week


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