Sunday, 25 September 2011

moms says no, but we all do it anyway.

well my mom has always said a whopping 'hell no' to tattoo's, and i did what we all do and i got inked yesterday. Its something I've wanted since i was a little kiddie, like 12, i just wasn't sure on what i wanted. My pops always said that tattoo's have to means something to you, obviously a something you don't mind looking at for say, um the rest of your life. Unless you decide to have salt water tattooed into your skin, yup friends that's the inexpensive and well teeth wrentchingly painful way of removing tattoo's.

Note to self: don't get stupid tattoo's! this is something I've applied only after i looked down at my arm and saw three huge skulls. no no no, I'm kidding. I got a lovely and simple firsty. its a constant reminder to love whole-heatedly, be compassionate, thankful for everyday and a reminder to commit fully. its a heart.

Now that i have taken the first step I'm ready to walk, which means, I'm keen for number two, three, four, well you know what I'm getting at.
These are some of the tattoo's i love and are contemplating getting. what do u think?

ps. Pictures of the heart on my sleeve will be up once it stops looking like a rusty old tin, haha, kidding. kind of.

Thanks Tyler from Sins of Style. i love it.

the 'love is enough' is really drawing me in as well as the birds on the back.
Will definitely be saving my wedding ring finger to be tattooed for that special somebody.

Hope this inspires you as much as it does me.

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