Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Donations of iPhone 4 are welcome

I am in desperate need of this beauty. and yes it is a need. the apps that i could get with the iPhone make tears expel from my eyes involuntarily. If you are  blogger, this is the phone for you. Blackberry is out and iPhone's are making their way in and with all the problems I'm having with my crackberry, it would make sense that somebody buy me this baby. hint hint. but seriously.

With the 5 mega-pixel camera, you would not be able to stop me from clicking away. I hate to say this but i would be my mom, who at the best and worst times, whips out her phone and starts snapping away. and at the most random things i might add.

Ofcourse one could not forget the Instagram app, and to be honest this might be the reason i want the iPhone. might be. Its a super cool app that you download on your iPhone, in which you can edit your photo's in a kind of vintage, retro feel. well you can choose, but those are the ones i'd choose. And best thing is its also a sort of social network, you upload your pictures and friends can view them, pretty darn cool, right?

Do i have you begging for one yet, if not look at these lovely Instagram pics and then come back tail between your legs, iPhone in hand, for me.

reminder: its my birthday soon ! iphone. i phone. iphone


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