Monday, 12 September 2011

The package project.

I purely came across this blog yesterday by chance, but i hve been super swamped with moving stuff. So this is for Inspiration Sunday, and oh does it over flow with inspiration.
Cupcake Couture is  a blog about all things awesome, hence cupcake, what i wouldn't give for beautifully decorated cupcakes. Nadia has thought up an ingenious idea to connect bloggers around the world. Its similar to Angie's present project which i regretfully missed ! i still kick myself every time i see the pictures of the lovely swap on her blog knowing i didn't take part. I'm crying inside. actually wailing.

Well here goes, Nadia has read my mind, telepathically of course and has come up with the package project. it is awesome, i love it. So what you need to do is click here, follow the instructions and voila.
And soon you will be happily humming while putting together a package of handmade awesomeness decided by you and then sending it off to a lucky somebody, who will ecstatically jump for joy when receiving it in the mail. sounds like happiness right. and the best part is that you get the pleasure of making all the lovelies you send and seeing the happiness when your partner receives it.

So start thinking about what you want to make. My finger tips are itching to get going. I'll blog some ideas for you and i to brainstorm.
Will be unbelievably busy with moving and car searching so wont be able to blog often, so bulk blogs are in order. like 5 posts on one day. its really necessary. and sad.

well enjoy

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