Monday, 5 September 2011

pocahontas didn't go to college.

this should be a post for Inspiration Sunday, but since i haven't posted on the last two, im doing an extra special one today. To make up for the last two i missed.

This is Rachel

She is lovely and she also happens to take lovely pictures. and i have the utmost pleasure of knowing this beauty. i know you're thinking, "well that's not fair" and by the end of this you will be cursing me, that's how much you will want to know this lady.

So a few days ago i popped her a message to ask her some questions about the details in the fabric, in other words the things that make her tick, that make her, her. So here goes.

She is currently in the Netherlands for 6 months doing a Bachelor of Arts and majoring in English and Media at the University of Amsterdam. She was lucky enough to get a scholarship to study there and as she says Amsterdam is "rich in history, has incredible scenery and has endless photographic opportunities". Now that makes me happy because i get to live through her amazing photographs, live as if im the midge friend in her pocket.
She studied photography for a year at Vega, and that's where she says her eyes were really opened to the possibilities created by mixing light and magic. She has always had a passion for photography but Vega really gave her the foundation to explore the art of Writing with Light in a professional sense.

Future plans? She plans on getting her honours in Education, and teaching grade one or two and is also eager to find a creative way to combine her love for kids and photography. Another career interest is Travel writing Photographic journalism.
Well one things for sure, however her life plans out it will be beautiful, because the talent that this pretty lady houses can not go unnoticed.

She is in the process of putting together a website for all her work. i look forward to the day i hear that it is up and running. It should be ready in the next few month. crossing fingers.

And now for the best part. the pictures i've been raving about. hold onto your seats.

#1 fan. utter beauty.



  1. What a talented girl! I love hearing stories like this and the photography is beautiful! xoxoxoo

  2. beautiful shots:)


  3. These are fantastic photos.

    Love them all.

    It would be great if you go on

  4. Amazing photos !!!

    If you like french fashion, you should check out my blog, and maybe follow it if you like it and wanna be the first to know when I post ;)