Thursday, 15 September 2011

The adventure doth begin

So this morning i came across a little too many mommy blogs, this is good and yet at the same time very bad. Good because i love kiddies, everything about them is cute, and its just lovely to see these very different families and their very different ways of dealing with things. I like this because though i will not be starting a family any time soon, i still get an idea of the household i want to create. Another fantastic discovery is all of these moms, giving out their very trusted recipes of deliciously baked goods.

Problem is i have zero domestic ability, and though i suffered through 3 years of Home economics, the valuable lessons learnt were check the freshness of the egg before you dump it in a bowl full of ingredients and how to make a mean white sauce and pasta. wow, profound.

What I'm getting at is that these moms have the upper hand, their kids wouldn't even think about replacing them with a robot mom in the future, if it might happen to come up. Why you might ask? because who would give up a mom who makes melt in your mouth brownies, or creamy butternut soup, or oh god cheesecake to die for.
So this is my full proof master plan - to perfect all of my favorite dishes and that way, I'm safe one day if normal moms are traded in for super robot moms, because i will be a culinary master chef ! I can see it now. who would want to give that up?

In order to ensure that my plan is full proof I've decided to start improving my less than average cooking skills. What id like to start off with is easy recipes, like mac & cheese, because who doesn't love mac & cheese and then somehow work my way up to dishes like those from Julie & Julia - but only the ones that look and sound good.

The meals will mainly be for 2 since i'll just be cooking for christi and i. Starting off they will be easy meals that can be made in under 30mins and we will progress from there. And if you too are living away from the rents, maybe you can try this with me and tell me of your cooking adventures or good recipes to try.

Here's to starting new adventures


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