Monday, 7 November 2011

Hand written letters

How often do you receive hand written letter? Well for me this is a very scarce appearance in my mail, in exception to last week Thursday. I really do wish i could receive love letters in the mail every week as appose to bbm's and wall posts.  If we're ll being honest its pretty darn unromantic. 
But this Lori of mine, well shes an exceptionally clingy one and she is the beauty that sent me this hand written envelope.  And inside was a sweet little penguin-hugging birthday card.  And in all honesty Lori is just like me - which means not an spec of the clingy gene in her.  But with each other we might leaches that suction on.  It sounds disgusting but its pretty awesome. we love it.

This is why shes part of the team. She sends birthday cards from Virginia.
Well this is my equivalent thank you to your birthday wishes.


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