Monday, 7 November 2011

Say hello to Lea Colombo

Meet the brilliance of Lea Colombo, a photographer based in Cape Town.  Yet another local talent being discovered. Its great that people with talents like this are now being appreciated and given the true appreciation and following that they deserve.  Lea's work is utter beauty, and each photo has a certain finesse. 

There's a uniqueness in every photo that's not easily found with other more known photographers. Not that their work isn't great, i just feel that before you have that  'ive been discovered' moment, you have more of an intense drive.  Your work/love/passion is mainly for you and great if other people like it, but you get the bulk of the enjoyment.  Knowing that you have created something beautiful and completely your own. Which drives you to improve.

Find that drive and pursue it whole-heartedly.


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