Sunday, 6 November 2011

happy birthday to me

 "Yunis! Why didn't you wake me?!"
I was lucky enough to wake up to this.
She doesn't look this crazy all the time, it just had to be brought out for this special occasion.

These are only but a handful of the gifts i was graciously gifted by my lovely family and the porker.
My day consisted of breakfast in bed, gifts every hour on the hour, a little shopping, picnic at Kirstenbosch and of course the unforgettable Kings of Leon concert.
Unfortunately i was a little dummy, and i didn't take my camera to the concert because i was a little baby about it being stolen. cry cry.
But luckily the memories are permanently etched in my brain.

Just a little snap we took on route to see the best band of all time.
Everyone agrees, well yes i know.

Love to all who made my day utterly special and lovely.


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