Saturday, 10 December 2011

Design Academy of Fashion

I am lucky enough to have a boyfriend with family in awesome places, like lecturers at Design Academy of Fashion.  Which means he was able to organise free tickets for their annual fashion show, at the Old Biscuit Mill, showcasing all their students designs.  Third years design a complete collection as well as first and second year students showcasing their final design for the year. 

This year i was pleasantly surprised by the third years collections.  I personally think they were a cut above last years third years.  The garments were elegant, unique, clean and sophisticated.  They featured plenty of lace & vintage designs, flowing soft fabrics & long draping maxi's and over-lays. In my books you can never go wrong with those four things.  I fell in love with too many things, which i have added to my Christmas list.

Yet another thing i adored about the show was that one of the designers has a range of kids clothing and you know me and kids. I was bouncing off the edge of my seat.

The blue turban will be mine.

How amazing!



  1. love the blue turban! been looking for one for a while now!


  2. You will not believe how many times i wispered in seans ear that i wanted it, i think he was tempted to bite his own ear off. When i finally find the designer i'll let you know :) and we can both be sporting a very awesome blue turban!