Sunday, 8 January 2012

my clearly apparent love of Zoey Deschanel

Well if you are not aware i have a deep seeded love of Zoey Deschanel.  This love was rekindled when a good friend of mine Jess introduced me to New Girl. And we instantly clicked. Yes it was and still is a two way street - i like to think that if she knew me we would be best friends. Don't judge me. 

Enough of the ramble.  The show is about a girl Jess (Zoey Deschanel) who has a painful break-up with her long term boyfriend, and subsequently moves into an apartment with three single guys.  Nick the 30 year old bartender who is also dealing with his slightly-less-recent break up, Schmidt the lawyer and self proclaimed ladies man or as his room mates like to call him the "douche bag" and Winston the recently unemployed former basketball player searching for a new passion and job. 

Jess has a personality that makes you explode with laughter or cringe in embarrassment for her. Her socially skills are minimal, but that's what makes her so fun and bubbly. Her roommates help to improve her interaction with men and in turn she tries to give them advice about women. 

It is a definite must see if you are keen on having a good laugh - at the expense of somebody else of course.  It is also great because it has so many of those cringe moments we all pray will never happen to us.

Oh to my love of Zoey


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