Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Creamy Chicken Breasts

Preparation time: 10minutes                   Cooking time: 30minutes               Servers: 2/4


4 skinless chicken breasts
8 rashers of bacon
5 potatoes - washed
4 tablespoons of cream cheese - the recipe stated garlic & herb, but i used sweet chili cream cheese.
Cherry tomatoes - as many as you'd like
Garlic & herb spice - seasoning
Salt & pepper - seasoning
Olive oil - to drizzle
low-fat cooking spray 


Wash potatoes - keep skin on potatoes then cut them length wise and into thin segments. These are more like crisps as appose to wedges because they are thinner & come out a bit crunchy.
Place potatoes on a flat cooking tray or dish - season with garlic & herb as well as salt & pepper then drizzle olive oil over. Don't be too shy with the olive oil, it gives them a good taste.
Cut a little opening in each chicken breast - the breasts i bought were already sliced open a bit so i just put the cream cheese in there. I sort of smeared the cream cheese in the chicken breast.
Wrap each chicken breast in two rashers of bacon and place in the dish - garnish with salt & pepper and spritz with cooking spray.
Place the chicken breasts in the oven on the top shelf at 200 for 20minutes - add tomatoes and spritz with more cooking spray & cook for a further 10 minutes or until chicken is cooked through
Place the potatoes on the bottom/middle shelf and allow to cook simultaneously.
Pierce the film and microwave for 5 minutes - i just bought the Woolies creamed spinach, chucked it in the microwave and served. Add a little salt & pepper - u can say you made it.
Remove wedges & chicken and serve - garnish with thyme if you like that.

I added the wedges/crisps and spinach to the recipe.
I found this was a pretty straight forward recipe to follow and there were no issues.
While i waited for everything to cook i indulged in a bit of Glee.

It was date night with Sean so i decided to make something social & he loved it.  I would suggest feeding this to a very hungry man, its filling and delicious.  Throw in a nice bottle of white wine and you're in business.  We opted for red wine as that's his preference and it went down just as well.

Let me know what you think of the recipe.
If you make this, let me know how it turns out?


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