Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New nails, hello

If you read my blog regularly you will know that i am loving anything glittery or sequins. Well the other day i decided to do something that the old me who loved, greys, black, white, beige would never do.

Ive seen one or two pictures where people have painted their ring finger nail in a silver glitter  and the rest in a sort of plain, strawberries & cream colour.  So the other day i was feeling adventurous and i tried it. I was pleasantly surprise by the fact that i and many others, liked it. I received many compliments and am loving the idea.  Definitely doing this more often.

Both the nail varnishes i used are Woolworths. Try it out.

What are your thought on this?


  1. Ohh i lovee this idea i have seen it a few times but havent done it yet,,may have to get myself busy :) Loving the owls very cute ^^ xxx

  2. Try it its a whimsical look which i love :) The owls are new to my collection. loving them <3