Monday, 20 February 2012

Valentines dinner

This year for Valentines, instead of doing the usual, we opted for a romantic night in.  We made a delish dinner, swapped gifts and watch some good old fashioned series. Always a winner.

I found what i though was an awesome recipe for our Valentines day dinner, but the man-friend had a different idea.  In the end we ended up tweaking the recipe a bit and came out with Steak with mushroom sauce, Balsamic infused mushrooms & cherry tomatoes and mustard mash.  And boy was this a filler and absolutely delish. 

We are both pretty proud of ourselves for putting together such a class dinner.  The man-friend is especially proud because he barely steps foot in the kitchen let alone make a meal, but i will admit, he did cook majority of the meal.  I'm proud of him!! But now that hes shown me hes actually an undercover Master Chef i will get him in the kitchen more often.

Will attach a recipe when i get the chance to type it up.


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