Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Date night: Picnic in the car

Last weekend i decided to plan a little secret date for the man-friend, so i packed a picnic basket and we headed off to Camps Bay.  If any of you live in Cape Town you will remember that it was a beautiful day for a picnic on Saturday.  Considering I have lived in Cape Town my entire life you would think i would know by now not to bank on the weather here.  Alas i thought Saturday would be different, but sadly it wasn't.

Once we got into Town the wind was howling, so just cast your mind to the bitch we encountered in Camps Bay.  We and by we i mean he, stayed positive and we missioned to Sea Point hoping it would be mildly better. The luck wasn't on our side.

The night though was a winner, a beautiful sunset experienced from inside the car, great food & quality time.  That's still a win for me.

Our picnic basket house self service chicken wraps, an assortment of fruit, salty cracks, brie, sweet chili sauce and fruit juice.

My advice, if you're wanting to have a legit picnic, check the weather forecast.

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