Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Mr Price you must be doing soemthing right

Lately i have been nothing but surprised at the constant flow of great items at Mr Price. Over the years I've seen their trend forecast as a bit erratic.  Don't get me wrong they are reliable for affordable basics but other than that i always described their clothing as just missing the mark.

They have started the year off well with the steadying ability to keep me coming back.  But the focus of this post is more on the guys side. Their men's casual clothing has really taken that step forward, if not only for the fact that they don't plaster 'RED' over the chest of every t-shirt.

Take a look at the stuff above and on their site, i would pick at least 5 items for Sean to wear.  Though I'm not saying  that he would do it, its just what I would choose for him.  Great straight leg chino's and other on trend basics.

What I'm getting at is that I'm happy with their progress - my wallet is thanking me and so is my wardrobe.

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