Thursday, 29 March 2012

just a few things i miss

- being in school, it was so easy.
- having time to read a book from cover to cover
- Not having to pay for my own groceries.
- my sister
- cooking 6 days a week
- actually reading all the articles in magazines
- afternoon naps
- studying
- watching infomercials and gumi bears at 7am
- girly sleepovers
- time with my beautiful family
- the days when boys would sweat bullets at the thought of holding your hand
- reading blogs
- my crazy and abnormal friends
- lazing around in my pj's all day, watching movies and doing nothing, during the week
- playing hop scotch
- thrifting, haven't been to a second hand store in ages
- my moms lasagna
- aimlessly doodling on a note pad
- the days when everything was easy
- slow walks on the beach holding hands
- playing card games, number one being poker and a close second uno
- belting out to old school music with my dad & sister
- chilled braai's on a Sunday afternoon
- the effort
- knowing implicitly what i want to do ' when i am older'
- songs i can sing along to
- playing with Barbies
- watching Mean Girls in excess
- simply connecting to the Internet, with no fuss
- being healthy, i think I'm getting sick again
- the excitement of driving
- having time to blog
- camping, its dirty but somehow i enjoy it


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