Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hibernation call

It feels rather odd doing this again, since it has been a good few months since my last post.  One may think I've died, gotten overtly lazy or been catching up with life.  If I were being honest I'd say it's a lot of the latter and ever so slightly the lazy.

The catching on life part has had me, doing a media internship, studying Graphic & Web Design as well as working my full time, which isn't really full time job.  Oh and of course how could I forget, redesigning my flat into a Pinterest dream.  It has been both a challenging and immensely fruitful year.  And because I'm not too into making New Years Resolutions (as most of us end up rewarding ourselves with the thing we've given up 3 months into said resolution - this is not to say that some don't get it right, I'm just not one of them) I thought I would make a mid-to-end-year goal of returning to blogging. Go me!

So this serves as a 'I have resurfaced from hibernation'.  If I were an animal I would probably make some end-of-hibernation call, (if they even have a call), but alas I am not, so I will stick to a I-have-returned blog post.

It feels good.

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