Friday, 12 August 2011

worst blogger award.

You see my immune system and i have a love-hate relationship. It disappoints me at the best of times, thus i am plagued with a chest and ear infection, which has me taking pills that most definitely should not be going in the mouth but rather the rear end. that's how big these babies are. on the other hand, the love side of things, it most definitely does its job of getting me off work, and and the best times - its a lovely rainy day, so i have the pleasure of doing NOTHING all day except snuggling up on the couch, watching movies and going to beautiful little cafes and sipping on my first love, besides Sean that is, numerous cappuchino's :)
Thus explaining my love-hate relationship with my immune system. well enough of the boring stuff and down to the fun.

Since I'm lucky enough to have today and the rest of the weekend off i have the pleasure of blogging all day, everyday. To get some well needed inspiration i will be watching a life-times supply of favourite movies, which i believe are beneficial for everybody - if not for a laugh then for some ideas on style, make up, anything, you've just got to know what you're looking for :) and that's what I'm here for.

Starting off with my beloved series, which i could not go a month without watching:
  • Gossip Girl - Not only because each character has been gifted with such unbelievably good looks, but for the style :) oh the style. sorry for the cliche,but the style of the rich and famous. haha.
  • Modern Family - Partly because they're a beautifully messed up family and because we know we all wished we had a family just like it. definitely high on the happy endorphin scale.
  • Lie to me - much needed for those of who still feel the needed to play a better more adult like form of cops and robbers :) this is actually a really good one to get into, they can tell emotions by the micro-expressions on peoples faces, pretty darn interesting I'd say.
  • Misfits - one of the more alternative ones, but the British accent does give me a bit of a laugh and the dry humour really gets me right in the funny bone.
And for the long list of movies that will definitely take you more than a weekend to get through:
  • Mean Girls - purely because Tina Fey wrote the script and it is brilliant, all the underlying funny bits. you'd probably have to watch this one more than once.
  • Going the distance - one that you wouldn't exactly expect to be funny but once again the dry humour really draws me in. On the other hand i have always loved anything with Drew Barrymore in it.
  • The Hangover - oh my dear lord. this is a favorite of mine. Zach Galifianakis is a brilliant actor and really completes the role as Allen. The wolf pack.
  • Easy A - Emma Stone, oh wow. she does an excellent job in this one, and once again the dry humour is the deciding factor.
  • Juno - Oh Juno. how could this not be on anybodies list. its a definite. lesson learnt: do not fall pregnant. but truly a winner :)
  • The Proposal - you never catch all the lines if you watch the movie once of twice, for instance, I've easily watched this movie about 30 times or more, and last week i picked up another undercover funny one. it never disappoints.
This is not the full list. i just didn't want to put you to sleep.
Enjoy this lovely winters day :)

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