Monday, 5 September 2011

birthday box.

Birthday season for my family has already passed, but who says i cant be pro active and prepare for next years birthday rush. clever me. lucky is the friend who's birthday is this month, you are getting a lovely surprise of a birthday box greeting you, in the hands of me, your overly excited friend.
I think this might just be my new favourite thing to do, and guess what? i can make all of it myself, which equates to extra happiness because i get to be surrounded by birthday celebrations, even if its not my birthday! Hip Hip Hooray !
So this is the original birthday box from you are my fav. its pretty freaking awesome i tell you.
So go and check it out to see what you get in the original birthday box. it is a smashing idea. I just happen to want to make a few quirky changes, you know little things to suit the person the birthday box is going to.
So here are some of my ideas:

- a hand made fabric birthday banner.

- biscuits shaped like cupcakes.

- biscuits in moustache shapes with white & black icing, and maybe cool old men grey ones too.

- those awesomely exciting birthday cards we all made for our parents when we were 5 years old. but an improved version.

- lips shaped biscuits with cherry red icing for the more racier friends, or penis's. something most of my friends would enjoy.

- candles moulded into 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY'

- maybe a tot of something strong. brandy, vodka., etc. some would appreciate just a box full of this.

- marshmallow necklaces with 100's & 1000's in the shape of a heart. see picture below if my explanation is as terrible as i think it is.

- birthday crown

- big round balloons.

i will officially be making more things, embracing the creativity. YES.
In my mothers famous words " you can make it yourself ", so finally here i am taking her advice and making things myself. im sure she will be proud.

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