Tuesday, 13 September 2011

new adventures

NEWS FEED: high up on the news roll, in my life atleast, is that i am moving out.
Exciting stuff. First serious adventure, first step to complete independence. Feels pretty good, but at the same time, nerve wracking. Its something my sister and i have been thinking about for quite some time now and finally we are taking the plunge.

So the place is nothing special in terms of large amounts of space and such, but its lovely and homey and lets in a good amount of light. Mother dearest is helping us out with the essentials, like fridge, stove, you know all those things i would have to save for a life time to buy.

Mostly im excited to have my own space & to do with it exactly what i want. i can now decorate a kitchen. Growing up i dont rememeber my mother ever decorating the kitchen, i think she, being from the stone ages when  they invented fire, obviously thought a kitchen was merley a task or function room, not even remotely asthetically pleasing. My kitchen on the other hand, i want it to be just like the other rooms in the house, lovely to look at. Not only lovely smells but also a little something for the eye.

In light of this new phase, my mind has been overwhelmed with ideas for my new plekkie (place). This is where Printest has come in like a knight on a white horse. printest is where ive put all my ideas for my new place, as well as sourced 90% of the ideas, and lets not forget the blogs, blogs, blogs and more blogs.

Posts to come will most certainly be about my new adventure. hope it helps you all out in some way, at some point.


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