Wednesday, 12 October 2011

hello new friends. i like you.

Last week Thursday was the Kodak Bloggers meet up in Cape Town, it was a great night filled with many prizes, lovely new faces and people to meet, fun with photo's, wine that never stopped flowing and delisious tapa's. All in all i would rate it as a raving success, where there's wine, food, interesting people and camera's its guaranteed to be a great night, and that this was. 

I was lucky enough to meet some lovely and certainly inspiring bloggers. Giving me the little push to get my blog out of the messy desk state and into the super organised, OCD work desk. Go me. And also good for you, considering the new layout makes it easier for you to get around, and its only going to get better.  Though not like the new Facebook that never stops getting 'better'.

Many thanks to Natasha from Raising Men for organising such a successful blogger meet up. I can say with all certainty that i loved every minute of it. This is something that definitely needs to be an annual thing. Oh and a big Mexican wave kind of thanks to all of these people who sponsored all the amazing prizes, of which i won a Braun styler and t-shirt from Friends of Design.
Remember a little while back i did a post on We Love Pictures, you can check it out here. I also did a post on Maike from Love Made Me Do It, look at it here. Well cool thing is Maike and Travis a married couple who happen to be the awesomeness behind We Love Pictures were there to share their talent with us. This is the outcome of that. It gets a bit interesting, but who doesn't love that right.

So you can all definitely expect many more posts in 'say hello'. Keep checking for updates on new blogs, I'll be sharing more of them with you soon.

Yay for blogger meets!


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  1. hey there! how is the Braun Styler you won treating you!
    It was great meeting you and your sis! And your blog is awesome.