Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Lauren, lets be best friends

Meet Lauren, she is the blogger behind Glossary. You might be thinking, 'hey, wait, that sounds familiar' - and you'd be right.  Glossary has been featured in many times in magazines like ELLE, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Fairlady

Everytime i click on to Glossary i have the same thought, its exactly like a magazine, except its free! I said free, whats better than that. The other great thing about this is that its lovely, and so is Lauren.  Im hoping that if i stalk her and glossary for long enough, she will realise that we are destined to be best friends. It might not go in that exact order, considering, your first words to your stalker wouldnt neccessarily be 'lets be best friends'.  I dont know, thats just me.

Back to the blog, its overflowing with witty remarks, local jargin, quirky wardrobe choices, beauty reviews, insight on fashion and an inside scoop on exclusive events, recently a new cooking segment, and ofcourse her lovely photography.  While looking through her blog i always get this niggling feeling that my photo editing skills arent up to scratch, but the awesome thing is that she is only too eager to offer up any advice and wisdom on her photography skills and processes.

So yes, i think we should be friends. Because we have a common love of cupcakes, making them and eating them. oh yes, thats friendship binding stuff.

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