Saturday, 8 October 2011

wish wish wish

Finding lovely fashion blogs is almost as satisfying as finding amazing vintage pieces you thought you would never  lay your precious eyes on. But this blog, friends, is definitely a beautiful sight for those precious eyes.

Meet Carrie, she lives & studies in London, where she blogs daily about her vintage style and other inspiring lovelies.

And let be honest we all have those days when you look into your cupboard and can not for the life of you think of one thing to wear. When even your usual go-to outfits just don't work. And then you resort to your i-feel-like-a-fatty outfits and when those don't work you just feel like going out in track pants and a hoodie.

Well this is the end to all your overly dramatized outfit dilemma's. This lovely ladies outfit choices can shock you right back into creating something lovely out of the mundane in your wardrobe.
So maybe we South Africans are not fortunate enough to have stores in the likes of Top Shop, H&M, Red Valvet, Forever 21, but i think we do pretty well for ourselves considering.

With every entry, she manages to give us an interesting and beautiful insight into the arcitecture and life in London. And for those of us, me, who have never been out of South Africa, well its refreshing.  All her picures also have a sort of vintage, rusty - in a good way, type of feel.

Its a beautiful day in Cape Town today, so im off to Kalk Bay to meet my sister for a waffle and some much needed thrifting.
Have a lovely day

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