Thursday, 13 October 2011

Wolves cafe.

Hello Wolves cafe. i would love to meet you, in person that is. Wolves cafe is run by Angie, & her husband Shane. Angie is the mastermind behind Lucky Pony, could be one of the awesomest blogs i follow. But this post is not about her, it is about the fantastic idea she had to open up a cafe filled with delicious thing, & as an extra bonus, you have pretty things to look at while you're getting fat on cake and other lovlies. 

Wolves has an ever expanding variety of lovely goodies on sale in the cafe, as well as pretty painings, illustrations and drawings of aspiring artists, and best thing is, its all on sale. Not like all those other places with the 'NOT ON SALE' sign on basically everything, its like their sticking their tongue at you, knowin g how badly you want to buy everything in the cafe/resturant. But lucky for you, this cafe is awesome incarnate.

They host events like art exibits, t-shirt design shows, clothes swap and Blogger meets.  They sell clothing, jewelry, Frankie magazines, art, cake, what more could you ask for?  So if you live in Johannesburg, do yourself a favour and get down to Wolves cafe. I highly dounbt that you could regret this.

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