Monday, 17 October 2011

A Tailored life

This is a blog i wa only too happt to find, mainly because its about a married couple who have started a new life. One with less, less in the means of material things, in search of a better more forfilling life.  Better being a full and yet simple life, still filled somewhat with glamour. 

Bianca and her husband have now moved into a smaller more simple home, thus explaining the pictures. This represents the journey they have taken to reach the final outcome which is their home. And it is simple and yet glamorous, all the rooms have a unique character. Not one of the rooms in their home is the same. If they were people i would say that they are all doing their own interesting happy dance now that theyve had a make-over. 

Judging the before & after pictures, it gives me a definite feeling of hope, knowing that somehow it is possble to change a peice of crap house into a beautifully comfy and liveable home. 

So i guess the motto for this is that there is hope for every home.


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